Weather in Mallorca in August

Is August a good time to visit Mallorca?

August is the hottest month to visit Mallorca. The hot and humid weather in Mallorca makes August one of the best times to book a flight to Palma and spend summer on the beautiful beaches on this popular Balearic Island. While August is peak season for Mallorca, the humidity means it will be possible to find a hotel without booking too far in advance. The weather in August in Mallorca is perfect for tanning on the beach, but the midday hours are best spent indoors or beneath an umbrella, as it can get quite hot.


Climate in Mallorca in August

The climate in Mallorca in August is hot and humid. The mornings are warm and temperatures get quite hot during the middle of the day, while afternoon breezes tends to make the evenings a relief after the sweaty daytime temperatures. Sea temperatures in Mallorca in August average 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). The average temperature in Mallorca in August ranges from 22 to 30°C (72 to 85°F), but the high humidity levels can make it feel significantly hotter. Mallorca gets over 310 hours of sunshine during August and rain is virtually non-existent during this peak summer month.


What's on in Mallorca in August

There is a great selection of festivals in Mallorca in August. The key event on the island of Mallorca is the Copa del Rey yachting regatta in the first week of August. Other smaller events in Mallorca during August include the Feast of Sant Ciriac, which is shared with Ibiza and celebrates a Spanish naval victory over the islands. The Festa de Sant Lorenc is held in the second week of August, while in mid-August it’s the Day of the Assumption of the Virgin, which is an important festival across Spain. Finally, Sant Agustin at the end of August is celebrated with horse riding, parades and dancing.


What to pack for a holiday in Mallorca in August

August is Mallorca’s hottest month. Items to pack include beachwear and sun protection. Visitors to Mallorca during August should also pack comfortable clothes to wear to the festivals and yachting regatta, a simple skirt or shorts and a t-shirt are fine for these occasions. Hats and sunglasses are important, particularly for those venturing out during the midday heat.