Weather in England in October

Is October a good time to England?

October weather is in flux, so while some prefer the steady stream of sunshine in summer, others enjoy watching the infrequent sunlight burst through the autumn clouds. There is little rain, but the days are cold and crisp. It’s a good time to visit the galleries and museums of London or, enjoy one of the many festivals. Some visitors take advantage of the low travel costs and enjoy an extended holiday from late September through October, visiting the nearby capitals of Edinburgh and Dublin along the trip.

Climate in England in October

The temperatures are low, hovering between 8°C and 14°C (46°F and 57°F) and, while there is a lot of cloud cover and little sunshine, it is surprisingly dry, seldom raining more than 70mm (2.8in) over the month, even in the north.

What’s on in England in October

The English don’t care to let the grey weather get them down and October lights up with many arts and music festivals over the month, including the Canterbury Festival, the Stratford-upon-Avon Music Festival, the Halifax and Reading comedy festivals and Whitby’s Musicport. Some prefer to retreat inside and grab a seat at one of the many film festivals, such as the Bram Stoker Film Festival, the BFI London Film Festival and Martin’s Film Festival, for fans of alternative movies. October is also a foodies’ month and Buxton, Durham, Lincoln, Nottingham and Yorkshire host great food and drink festivals– who could forget the famous Great Peak District and Buxton Beer Festival. The red and brown hues of autumn are beautiful to behold and rural festivals in Sussex, Dursley and on the Isle of Scilly offer some country hospitality and wholesome homemade cooking. 
Grab a spot by the fire and read that brand new book from the Dylan Thomas Literature Festival, The Wigtown Literature Festival (in Scotland), Ilkley Literature Festival or The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival– better yet, buy one from each. Finally, cultural enthusiasts will enjoy the historic significance of traditional events, such as the Chesterfield Market Festival, Nottingham Goose Festival, the Hastings Bonfire Celebration, the Lowender Peran Celtic festival and the London Borough market close to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.


What to pack for a holiday in England in October

October is chilly, so pack layers of warm clothing, including long sleeved shirts, thermals, warm jerseys, jeans and trousers. Remember, dark coloured clothing won’t show dirt easily and synthetic materials dry faster than cotton or wool. Closed toed shoes and trainers are okay for the city, but even then, warm, waterproof boots will go a long way, even when visitors don’t intend to do any country walking; hikers definitely need boots, as well as a few thermals and extra layers. Pack either a waterproof coat or a light raincoat to stay dry and only a strong umbrella can keep it together in the wind. Finally, take some smart clothing for a special night out as certain events, restaurants and nightclubs only allow formal attire.