Weather in England in March

Is March a good time to go to England?

March might be cold and wet, but it is great for budget travel. Take advantage of the free museums, empty galleries and short queues at major attractions. Many people begin their hiking season in late March and early April, so if it is a warmer year, take the opportunity to explore the quiet trails before all the tourists arrive in summer. However, be aware that it is typically an ‘indoor month’, occasionally becoming very cold, with heavy showers. Nonetheless, March is full of festivals, arts events in particular. 

Climate in England in March

Temperatures remain under 10°C (50°F) and the winter cold is yet to leave, but there may be a few warmer days towards the end of the month. Rainfall is heavy in the south, around 80mm (3.1in) and, while the rest of the country has less rainfall, it often increases towards the end of the month. Spring storms may affect travel plans, so leave some extra time for travelling if the weather is dangerous.


What’s on in England in March

M is for movies and music in March, with many film festivals, concerts and arts events during the course of the month. Come early to find a good seat, then sit back and enjoy international and local films at the Bradford International Film Festival, the Birds Eye View Film Festival in London, and the famous Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham. Jazz lovers must go to the lively Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival and don’t forget to pack warmly for the Chipping Norton Music Festival, one of the oldest music festivals in the UK, active for over a century.

The literature festivals in York and Bath host a number of workshops, readings and seminars delivered by modern literary legends, and, for a change of pace, head down to the Bath Comedy Festival for a good laugh. Fashionistas will enjoy Bath in Fashion, a series of catwalk events and seminars on global fashion, perfect for designers and divas alike. Finally, for the more traditional traveller, celebrate St Patrick’s Day in London at one of the parades or street festivals and watch the Head of the River Race, the international version of the Oxford-Cambridge boat race.


What to pack for a holiday in England in March

Bring dark clothes because they don’t show dirt easily, a problem for light clothing in the wet weather, and synthetic materials dry faster than wool or cotton.  Travellers should pack long sleeved tops and shirts, thermals, as well as warm jerseys and waterproof coats– gloves, scarves and hats offer extra comfort and come highly recommended. Boots are best for blustery, rainy days, but trainers and closed toe shoes will suffice in the city as well, but make sure they are waterproof, at least to some degree. Hikers must take extra layers and hiking boots are essential. Finally, pack something smart because some establishments and events will require formal wear.