Weather in England in February

Is February a good time to go to England?

February might be cold, wet and grey, or crisp, clear and cool– it all depends on the luck of the draw.  Most people who visit in February go to take advantage of the reduced accommodation and airfare, great winter sales and the buffet of indoor activities and attractions. It is neither as cold nor as wet as earlier winter months and settling down next to the fire of a warm pub is a great way to end a day of sightseeing and museum hopping.

Climate in England in February

Most places are below 10°C (50°F) and some spots, especially in the north, will occasionally drop slightly below zero (32°F). Expect more rain down south, but with less than 80mm (3.1in) of rain at most, England isn’t such a wet and grey place after all. In recent years, sever weather conditions have affect travel plans, so check the weather reports and leave some extra time for travelling if necessary. 

What’s on in England in February

February is a month of cultural contrasts, a chance to drink fine wine at the Bath Literature Festival, pick up a good book for the winter, and then meet the rugged Norseman at the Jorvik Viking Festival in York. The English have also made up for the fact that February has no national holidays and, as if one New Year’s celebration wasn’t enough, Chinese New Year is an extravagant collection of parades, fireworks displays and street markets in most major cities. Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival uplifts the grey days and, in true English fashion, there are a number of beer festivals, in Derby, Chelmsford or Pendle, where there is good food, drink and entertainment.

What to pack for a holiday in England in February

It is still cold and wet, so pack dark coloured clothing and synthetic materials because they don’t show dirt easily and dry quickly. A warm waterproof coat is essential and boots go a long way in the wet weather. Take along some long sleeved shirts, a few warm tops, thermals, jeans and durable trousers to wear underneath a warm coat. Don’t forget a pair of gloves, scarves and hats because they will make the holiday infinitely more comfortable. If visitors prefer shoes to boots, make sure to take something waterproof. Pack something smart because some events and establishments will require formal attire and, pack lightly because it is easy to pick up a low cost item at a retailer if necessary.