Hagia Sophia at night
Hagia Sophia at night © Moyan Brenn

Turkey links Europe and the Middle East, a genuine amalgamation of west and east. Suspended between the modern and the ancient, it burst with life. City boutiques and exotic bazaars clamour for attention, while the weekly tolling of church bells interrupt the daily call of the muezzin. Roman ruins, early Christian histories, and the presence of the Ottoman Empire all enjoy significance in the country.

The different regions of Turkey offer an assortment of landscapes and activities. There's something for everybody, with enough cultural delights, urban treats, and beach comforts to satisfy the pickiest of travellers.

With one part in Europe and the other in Asia, the city of Istanbul is a fascinating metropolis of frenzied marketplaces, imperial residences, and climbing minarets. This is all set against a lively ambience of contemporary art and musical entertainment.

Out of the city, Cappadocia in Central Turkey offers an astounding landscape of eroded volcanic rock cones and fairy chimneys, remarkable subterranean cities and rock-hewn houses that merge harmoniously with the ochre-coloured landscape.

Further south, the Turquoise Coast is a haven for boat cruises. Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports, sunbathe on golden sands, or explore the wonderful ancient cities of Troy and Ephesus along the shores of the Aegean Sea.

Most visitors concentrate on Western Turkey, with its picturesque seaside resorts along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, scenic and recreational attractions, well-preserved archaeological sites, and fascinating museums that bring its rich history to life. Wherever one ventures in Turkey there is certain to be a warm welcome and traditional hospitality, making this a deeply satisfying corner of the world in which to travel.