Michaelsberg Abbey
Michaelsberg Abbey © Thomas Depenbusch

Situated in the heart of Central Europe and bordering nine other countries, Germany is an established and rewarding tourist destination. Its sweeping land is varied, with turreted castles and medieval villages tucked below snow-capped mountains, and amid lush river valleys and dark and mysterious forests. It is also a place of fairytales, where minstrels first regaled audiences with such fantastical tales as Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood.

Despite the beauty and romance of the German countryside, most first-time visitors head straight for one of the country's famous cities. Each year, millions of litres of beer are consumed in Munich during the city's Oktoberfest, where locals and visitors discover true German revelry and gemutlichkeit, while Berlin promises an abundance of sightseeing opportunities, such as the iconic Brandenburg Gate, the ruins of the Berlin Wall and a truly wild and exotic nightlife. Frankfurt is Germany's financial powerhouse, promising business opportunities and great shopping and dining experiences, while Hamburg is more of a picturesque urban experience, full of canals, parks and gardens.

Germany seldom disappoints, which can be expected from a country that gave us Beethoven and Bauhaus, Goethe and Glühwein, Lager and Lederhosen.