Egypt © Edgardo W. Olivera

Egypt is synonymous with Pharaohs, pyramids, temples and antiquities. Through this ancient and arid land flows the Nile, a mighty river which has shaped civilizations for centuries. Egypt lays claim to being the oldest tourist destination on earth. Greek and Roman travellers arrived as far back as 430 BC to marvel at some of the very sights that make it a beloved tourist destination today. The magnificence of the painted Valley of the Kings, exquisite temples, and the pyramids were all sought-after objects of admiration in these long-gone days, and many were already 2,500 years old.

With desert landscapes, rugged mountains that reach to the sea, dusty cities full of exotic sounds and smells, and green strips of agricultural land snaking along the banks of the Nile, Egypt has something to offer travellers from all walks of life. There is spectacular diving in the Red Sea resorts. Unique desert experiences await, whether on the back of a camel to Mount Sinai or on a jeep safari to the inner oases. The colour and chaos of Cairo is prevalent in its markets and bazaars such as Khan al Khalili. In stark contrast are the tranquil felucca cruises on the Nile River. Egypt promises an unforgettable experience of history and relaxation - a mixture of discovery and pleasure.