Czech Republic
Czech Republic © Paulius Malinovskis

The Czech Republic is an historic gem at the heart of Europe. Though small, its inheritance of grand castles, medieval villages, elegant spa resorts and striking national parks makes it a bucket-list candidate.

The capital, Prague, is a walkable destination, and a well-preserved record of more than 600 years of leading European architecture. Much of it is in the UNESCO-listed historic district. Other stand-out attractions include renowned architect, Frank Gehry's, Dancing House and Old Town Square. They're linked by the Charles Bridge, which is the most-photographed landmark in the city. Prague also has an unusually vibrant nightlife.

Spellbound visitors may not want to leave one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. That said, the country's allure extends beyond Prague to medieval towns that seem to have ignored the passing of time. These include the impossibly picturesque Holasovice and Cesky Krumlov. Visitors may also want to experience each of the country's two regions. In the west, Bohemia is famous for its castles, rolling hills, forests and 19th-century spa towns. The eastern region of Moravia was once a popular destination for wealthy families of the Astro-Hungarian Empire. Unlike Bohemia, the region favours wine over the country's esteemed beer.

The Czech Republic is a thrilling place to visit for culture lovers and party animals alike. It is, without question, an unforgettable Central European holiday destination.