Sandy Ground in Anguilla
Sandy Ground in Anguilla © Public Domain

Tranquillity reigns supreme on the Caribbean island of Anguila, situated in the British West Indies about 150 miles (241km) east of Puerto Rico. Unspoilt beaches spill down from discreet resorts into the beautiful waters of the crystal-clear sea. Small with scrubby vegetation, the main island is surrounded by a collection of low islets and coral cays.

This British Overseas Territory boasts over 30 amazing beaches that many rate as the best in the world and most certainly in the Caribbean. Each is special in its own way, from Shoal Bay East with its mile of soft sand, to the serene Little Harbor and the seclusion of Captain's Bay, reached only by a narrow gravel track.

Some of the most popular beaches include Cove Bay, which offers waterside horseback rides and weekend barbecues with live bands; and Maundays Bay, home to some of Anguilla's premier resort hotels. The beaches, together with a set of stylish villas, resort hotels, and delicious cuisine served up in a large number of top class restaurants, have made Anguilla a favourite hideaway for celebrities, particularly movie stars, as witnessed by the private jets often parked on the airport runway.

Anguilla is the perfect retreat for an indulgent, exclusive getaway for the discerning traveller dedicated to the simple pleasures of basking in the sun, taking sunset strolls, sailing on the azure waters, and snorkelling in the world-class coral reefs. It is also a popular venue for weddings and honeymoons.