The Capital Building
The Capital Building © Hellohowareyoudoing

Washington D.C. is a city unlike any other, with its green open spaces, historic marble landmarks and world-famous museums. Exploring this cosmopolitan city is a joy in and of itself, its eccentric neighbourhoods supporting a thriving cultural scene with scores of top-notch restaurants, shops and evening entertainment. The US capital is an international hub of power and diplomacy, commanding the political centre stage for one of the most powerful nations in the world and representing all the democratic ideals that the country takes pride in.

The city also hosts millions of tourists annually who come to explore famous sights such as the domed US Capitol, the stately White House, Lincoln Memorial and the soaring Washington Monument. The most well-known sights are located along the National Mall, a green park stretching from the US Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial on the Potomac River, and include several memorials to great US presidents of the past, as well as the outstanding museums of the Smithsonian Institute. As an added bonus, almost all major attractions in the city are free.

Besides political and historical sights, Washington is a city of interesting neighbourhoods, each with its own character and culture. The most famous of these is historic Georgetown, with elegant colonial houses, boutiques, fancy restaurants and a lively nightlife. One of the most colourful neighbourhoods is the bohemian district of Adams-Morgan with an assortment of eclectic shops, while the arty suburb of Dupont Circle is an affluent business and residential area, with excellent restaurants, art galleries and stores that forms the centre of D.C.'s gay community.