Quebec City Attractions

Many interesting sights and tourist attractions are located in the Old Quebec district, including dozens of small shops, boutiques and attractive historical buildings. The more modern Upper Town and Lower Town also have interesting neighbourhoods.

Quebec City is compact and easily walkable. Visitors who get tired or can't navigate the steep stairs between Upper Town and Lower Town can take a scenic ride in the Funicular, or hire one of many horse-drawn carriages for a quaint mode of sightseeing.

Attractions include the National Museum of the Arts, the Franco-American Museum and the Capital Observatory, which is in one of the tallest buildings in Quebec. Visitors could also ferry across the St. Lawrence River to Lévis and enjoy memorable views of the Chateau Frontenac and the Old City. Sunset cruises on the Saint Lawrence River are a must.

Children may relish a trip to the Chocolate Museum or a spin around the Old City's ice rink, while Villages Vacances Valcartier has waterslides and go-karting in the summer. Just a few kilometres from downtown, the unspoilt wilderness areas surrounding Quebec City present plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation, such as horseback riding, canoeing, hiking and skiing.

Parliament Buildings

Parliament Buildings

Just outside the old city walls stands the imposing 19th-century Parliament Building, inspired by the Louvre in Paris and designed by the architect, Eugène Étienne Taché. Although it is the working home of the 125-strong National Assembly, the buildings are open to...  see full details

Place Royale

Place Royale

The Place Royale is part of the Pointe-à-Callière Museum complex, along with Pointe-à-Callière and 214 Place d'Youville. Used for trading in ancient times by the First Nations, the site of the historical Place Royale became a fortified trading post in 1608 under French...  see full details



The funicular which travels from the heart of the Old City to Dufferin Terrace provides a panoramic bird's eye view of historic Quebec City. Leaving from Louis Jolliet House, the funicular has been an attraction since the original steam version was built...  see full details

Fortification wall


Guided walking tours of the three mile (5km) wall surrounding the Old City of Quebec trace the evolution of the city's defence system across three centuries. The walls were built between 1608 and 1871 as part of the fortifications in the area, which...  see full details

Vieux Port

Old Port of Montreal

The Old Port of Montreal along the Saint Lawrence River is actually fairly new, having undergone a big facelift to make it the most popular tourist spot in the city. A major 19th-century trade port, its wharves now mostly consist of tour...  see full details

Battlefields Park

Battlefields Park (Plains of Abraham)

Once the setting for bloody battles between the British and the French, the Plains of Abraham today serve as Quebec City's primary 'green lung'. A playground and peaceful arboreal retreat, it's a venue for a variety of festivals, fairs and events. The park...  see full details

Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls Park

Just to the east of Quebec City lies the spectacular Montmorency Falls which plunges 272 feet (83m) â€' one and a half times higher than Niagara Falls. Besides a beautiful setting, the park also boasts historic buildings and a variety of fun...  see full details

Ile d'Orleans

L'Île d'Orléans

The little island in the Saint Lawrence River, just 15 minutes from downtown Quebec City, is a historical treasure trove containing 600 heritage buildings. Algonquin natives called the island Windigo, meaning 'bewitched corner', before French colonists arrived in 1535 and named it...  see full details

Lower Town

Lower Town (Basse-Ville)

Basse-Ville is Quebec City's charming old quarter, full of narrow winding streets, historical stone buildings and a dizzying array of trendy cafes, bars and boutiques. Also called Lower Town, it's the oldest urban district in Canada and exudes a distinctly European atmosphere. Recent gentrification...  see full details